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What is 2020 Agenda?

2020 Agenda allows you to see the under-the-hood data that is currently guiding the European Union evolution, by means of an aggregation of four interactive data visualizations. It was originally conceived as a Human-Computer Interaction Design project for the Computer Science Department of University of Bologna, Italy.

The data comes from the actual European Union Growth Strategy, which is based on 8 global indicators - Employment, R&D, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy from Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Early School Leaving, Third Level Education, Poverty - that in turn are translated into specific national targets, so as to reflect different situations and circumstances.

Therefore, data is elaborated in relation to targets (different from nation to nation), not in relation to the usual absolute indicators. Globally, they give an overall view of where the EU should be on key parameters by 2020.

2020 Agenda builds visual renderings of those data, allowing you to see from different angles the effects through time of European's nations politics in relation to their 2020 EU objectives.